primo 12k lowbay

Primo 12K Lowbay / Highbay

71W12,340 lm
  • Outstanding 170 lumens/watt performance
  • Dimmable 1-10VDC for ultimate energy efficiency
  • Daylight and motion sensor compatible
  • Wide 115° beam spread. Low glare. Ceilings 5-7m.
  • No glass. Rated IK08 and IP65. 5 year warranty.
primo 21 and 26k Highbay

Primo 21K & 26K  Lowbay / Highbay

127W21,000 lm
153W26,000 lm
  • Outstanding 170 lm/W performance
  • Higher output for higher ceilings or lux levels
  • Dimmable 1-10VDC for ultimate energy efficiency
  • Plug & Play Primo IQ light and motion sensors.
primo 40k highbay

Primo 40K Lowbay / Highbay

260W40,000 lm
  • Super-high output industrial highbay
  • Impressive 40,000 lm from 260W @150lm/W
  • Designed for very high ceilings or lux levels
  • Dimmable with light and motion sensors.
Primo Hi-Temp Highbay

Primo Hi-Temp Highbay

145W20,300 lm
  • Specified for high temperature environments to 70°C
  • Energy-efficient - 140 lumens per watt performance
  • Optional wall-mount bracket with remote driver
  • Superior longevity and reliability
primo 15k canopy light
primo by tigerlight
Food Safety HACCP Australia Programme Certification

Primo 15K Canopy Light

100W15,000 lm
  • Canopy light for low ceilings & clean rooms
  • Outstanding 150 lumens/watt performance
  • HACCP Certified Food Safe
  • Dimmable to 10% output with motion sensors
  • 9000 lm / 60W available on special order.
MegaFlood 80-320w

MegaFlood 80-320

80W11,500 lm
120W17,420 lm
200W29,105 lm
320W44,620 lm
  • New generation modular design
  • Three bracket options for walls and poles
  • 11 optical lens options to optimise light coverage
  • Rated IP67 and IK10 to go anywhere.

Mega Bay Lights

320W44,620 lm
480W61,260 lm
720W91,630 lm
960W122,680 lm
  • Exceptional output from 44,600 to 123,000 lm
  • Designed for extremely high ceilings and/or lux levels
  • 2 brackets, 2 voltages, 4 CCTs & 11 lens options to suit all applications.

MegaFlood 480-960

480W61,260 lm
720W91,630 lm
960W122,680 lm
  • High output floods - 61 ,000 to 122,000 lm
  • Open modular design for optimum heat management and lower wind resistance
  • Rated IP67 and IK10. Polycarbonate lenses.

MAKO Bulkhead Light

30W4,000 lm
40W5,400 lm
  • Wall or ceiling-mounted
  • IP67 for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to install. Linkable
  • Maintained emergency option.

SilverBack IP65 Batten
20W 40W

20W3,000 lm
40W3,000 lm1200mm
  • Sleek but super-strong design & build
  • IP65 protection against ingress
  • IK08 rated for impact resistance
  • Occupancy/light sensor option
Food Safety HACCP Australia Programme Certification

Tiger IP69K Batten – Food Grade

20W3,200 lm
36W5,700 lm1200mm
  • Rated IP69K - for high pressure hot water and detergents
  • HACCP Certified Food Safe (36W)
  • Easily cleaned surfaces to meet food standards
  • Microwave light/occupancy sensor option also available

Tiger IP69K Batten –

20W3,000 lm
36W5,400 lm1200mm
  • Rated IP69K - for exposure to high pressure water, salt & chemicals
  • Super-tough tempered glass for corrosive environments
  • Highly efficient 150 lm/W output


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