LED Streetlights

Tiger Street Lights

40W5,500 lm 80W11,500 lm
120W17,420 lm 160W22,750 lm
200W29,105 lm

240-320W are available as a special order

  • Class-leading performance – 140 lm/W
  • Highest quality components
  • Built for ultra-dependable performance
  • Rated IP67 and IK10 for exceptional durability.
MegaFlood 80-320w

MegaFlood 80-320

80W11,500 lm
120W17,420 lm
200W29,105 lm
320W44,620 lm
  • New generation modular design
  • Three bracket options for walls and poles
  • 11 optical lens options to optimise light coverage
  • Rated IP67 and IK10 to go anywhere.

MegaFlood 480-960

480W61,260 lm
720W91,630 lm
960W122,680 lm
  • High output floods - 61 ,000 to 122,000 lm
  • Open modular design for optimum heat management and lower wind resistance
  • Rated IP67 and IK10. Polycarbonate lenses.

MAKO Area Light

40W5,500 lm
  • High-performance industrial area light.
  • Maximum light spread from low mounting heights 2.4m+.
  • Multi-purpose – conveyor & gantry lighting to private roadways.
  • Rated IP67 and IK10 to handle the toughest environments.

Solar MAKO Light

20W3,000 lm

Self-contained solar package including:

  • Mako heavy duty area light - 20W
  • Solar engine comprising 130W solar panel,
    cables, lithium ion batteries, smart controller
  • Poles not included.


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