About Tigerlight

Tigerlight Corporate Profile

Value starts with performance, first and foremost

Our philosophy is simple.  Performance always comes before price.

Our range comprises exclusively of LED luminaires that perform to the highest standards.

Then we use our market leverage to pass these quality products to our customers at the lowest possible price.  High performance lighting will not always be cheapest to purchase, but we’ll always seek to provide exceptional value for over our products’ long lifetime.

Track record of satisfied customers

Tigerlight is one of the largest energy-efficient lighting specialists in Australia.

We are also one of the most experienced, with origins dating back to 2002, and a strong history of growth, both organically and through acquisition.

We value our lasting customer relationships and aim to continue to lead the industry in customer service and satisfaction.

Solution Sales Experts

Tigerlight don’t just sell lights, we develop solutions.  Our powerful combination of customisable modular luminaires, creative sales staff and expert certified lighting engineers are constantly delivering unique and highly effective solutions for our customers Australia wide.  

Quality partnerships with quality partners

We take great pride in the long-standing relationships we have built with quality partners.

In Australia, we have very close working relationships with leading national and independent wholesalers.

Internationally, we value our relationships with leading manufacturing and R&D organisations of the highest quality.

National support network

Our network of highly experienced people around the country gives us reach and capabilities that few others can offer.

We operate in all states in our own right and work closely with our preferred wholesaler partners to provide customer service nation-wide.

No-nonsense warranty protection

Our customers can be confident in the size and financial strength of Tiger Light Pty Ltd and our principal partners.

Throughout our long history we have developed and fine-tuned, a product range to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. We have the financial resources to stand behind all Tigerlight products and product warranties, today and in the long term.


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