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Lighting cost eating into your bottom line?

lighting costs

What are your light fittings costing you to run? Our Quick Reference Guide gives you a quick snapshot. The results will surprise you.

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Want more detailed information on your current costs and potential future savings? Our calculator can be a useful tool.

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Simplify your commercial lighting upgrade

Free Lighting Audits

Like a free lighting audit? Our lighting professional will visit your site, recommend savings options and provide a Return on Investment calculation.

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A new funding option can help pay for the lighting upgrade without the need for additional Capex. Let your savings fund the upgrade.

Long term rental option

Rebates of up to 90% AVAILABLE NOW


There has never been a better time to upgrade your commercial or industrial lighting. Commercial lighting upgrades are now earning very significant rebates under the Energy Saving Scheme in NSW, the restructured VEET scheme in Victoria and the new REES scheme in SA.

NSW ESS Rebates

Vic VEET Rebates

SA REES Rebates