New Product – Corso Pro 50

Corso Pro 50

A new, more powerful Corso has arrived in the Tigerlight range. The Corso Pro 50.  It is an off grid solar lighting system that uses our famous Mako area light with integrated motion sensor to optimise battery autonomy and output.  It is the 4thgeneration Corso product in a range that Tigerlight has been selling for over a decade.  The new model has a 50W panel and 15W Mako light head, making it 50% brighter than the previous generation.

“We are so happy with how this new product has come together”.  Tigerlight GM Daniel Gleeson said.  “Our range is full of options, but historically we haven’t been able to customise our Corso range to customers individual requirements.  The Corso Pro has options to customise the Mako area light with over 15 optical distributions and 5 colour temperatures to give our customers lights that are tailor made to their individual requirements”.

Designed to be mounted at heights around 5m, the Mako is typically fitted with T2M optics for pathways, or the more forward throwing optics like the T4M for larger areas like carparks.  Tigerlight’s full range of colour temperatures are available also, from standard 5000k to turtle friendly amber.  The 50W panel and 26ah lithium battery provide great autonomy, with the Mako powered at 15W at full output and 5W in dim mode when no motion has been detected.  It is designed for use on pathways, parks, mine camps, caravan parks and car parks.

The Corso Pro is shipping from late April and full specifications can be found here.  Tigerlight do not sell poles, but specifications for suitable poles from GM Poles can be downloaded from our website.


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