Tigerlight has launched is most powerful and customisable solar product to date, the SOLO solar engine.  The SOLO is an off grid power plant used to power the Tigerlight luminaires that our customers know and trust.

The SOLO comes in 2 panel sizes, a 60W and 160W.  Each panel is bi-facial giving it maximum efficiency to charge the supersized lithium battery pack offering superior autonomy so the luminaires can be relied upon to give light when it is required.  The Solo is completely programable, enabling Tigerlight’s engineering team to calculate an optimal balance between  output and Autonomy in different parts of the country.

“Our vision for our solar product range was to bring the same trusted and customisable, Tigerlight luminaires, like the Mako to our customers, but to power them off grid” said Tigerlight General Manager, Daniel Gleeson.

“We believe a lot of the of the solar lighting products available on the market, don’t have the flexibility in terms of colour temperatures and different photometry to meet customer expectations and Australian lighting standards.  We have built a product that gives our customers these lighting options, without the need to run cable.  Our initial project results have been outstanding and we are thrilled with the Solo range!”

Datasheet: Tiger SOLO Solar Engine

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