Free On-site Lighting Audit Service

Lighting Audit Service ReportsIf you are concerned about reducing your lighting costs, why not call or email Tigerlight for a free evaluation of your current lighting, and an estimate of what you can save.

This is a free service for Commercial and Industrial organisations only.

It involves the following steps:

  • a brief discussion on what you are wanting to achieve
  • determining the approximate age and performance history of your current fittings
  • estimating your current power cost as well as the operating hours of your facility
  • estimating the ongoing maintenance costs in relamping conventional fittings
  • a count of your current fittings, including fluoros, highbays, downlights, etc
  • identifying possible opportunities to use sensor technology to further increase savings.

We can then respond with a Cost of Light Analysis which will:

  • outline the cost of your current lighting
  • factor in maintenance costs, carbon tax liability, etc
  • pinpoint your break-even point in converting some or all of your lighting to LED
  • set out the initial investment as well as the projected return on investment over the service life of the LED fittings.
  • present environmental savings in terms of tonnes of carbon saved

The process is simple and straightforward, and does not demand too much of your time.

The result is a document that can assist you and your management team to quantify the opportunity.

Call 1300 184 437 to arrange a no-obligation Lighting Audit.