LED Tube Light

Description Product 1 Product 2 Savings
Power Watts Watts 28 Watts
Ballast Power Consumption no ballast required no ballast required ~
Power usage for kWh kWh kWh
Your power cost for ,based on
$ kWh (Including Network Charges)
$ $ $
What if annual power costs should rise by
per annum
$ $ $
Select your state to calculate your emissions % green power
Total CO2 emissions in in tonnes

Please note that these calculations are indicative only. They do not factor in the following additional savings :

  • Savings in replacement bulbs or tubes due to the much longer life of the LED fittings.
  • Savings in labour to change the bulbs or tubes - often more costly than the bulbs.
  • Savings in the form of rebates available on the purchase price on fittings approved under the NSW ESS and the Victorian VEET scheme.